Climate change and the pressing stakes it raises require decisions and action at all levels of governance: supranational, transnational, national, regional and local. For, apart from being a rigorously scientific matter, climate change is clearly a political matter, with economic, social and, first and foremost, environmental dimensions.

Especially today that the historic Paris Agreement (COP21) a year ago, is officially put into effect, we are at a turning point, when mobilisation and synergy are needed between all levels of governance -international organisations, governments, local and regional authorities- to honour their commitments and to put their decisions into practice.

In this context, coordinated action is required towards public informing and awareness-raising, in order for the citizens to embrace and adopt ambitious decisions and actions aimed at reversing the current dangerous state of affairs, so detrimental to the planet and the environment in general.

The Region of Attica contributes to this fight, by its decision to cooperate with The Climate Group (TCG), and, in particular, to take part in The Climate Group’s States & Regions Alliance.  The Climate Group is the main partner of the international platform ‘Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Action’ (NAZCA). NAZCA was launched alongside The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Lima (COP20), bringing together the commitments to action and initiatives by local and regional authorities, governmental and non-governmental actors, as well as businesses in order to raise awareness, to inform the public and to implement the relevant UN resolutions on climate change.

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