vasilia 1The Regional Governor of Attica thanked the people of the Cultural Circle of Friends of Greece in Basel “for their love of our country and their unselfish contribution to promoting Greece, providing a very positive picture abroad in contrast to the negative references to Greece that are featured in the international media”.

The Cultural Circle of Friends of Greece in Basel, which was founded 25 years ago by Swiss Philhellenes, celebrated this anniversary with an event on Friday 19 May, dedicated to Attica.

My presence today at this event marks our interest, as the Administration of the largest Region of Greece, in promoting in a systematic and coordinated manner, Attica, the islands of Attica and all those features that make Attica a special all year round tourist destination”, stressed, inter alia, the Regional Governor of Attica, Ms Rena Dourou, in her welcome speech. She stressed that “Attica is not just Athens. Attica has 66 different municipalities, each of which has its own share in making the largest Region of Greece a pole of attraction for tourists, investors and entrepreneurs”. The Regional Governor of Attica added that the tourism promotion of Attica “is of major importance”, in order to “attract all those who want to invest in Attica”. “All those who want to be successful in winning the challenge of Attica. We will win this challenge together”.

vasilia 2After the event, the Regional Governor of Attica, in her conversation with the President of the Cultural Circle, Ms Katherina Wahli Savvidis, congratulated her on this excellent and flawless event, and underlined the importance of the work done by the Cultural Circle of Friends of Greece – “a project demonstrating in practice that in Switzerland, as in other parts of Europe and beyond, there is a strong dynamic to promote a different Greece, a new Greece that sends out a message of optimism amidst the current difficult circumstances”.

Earlier, the Executive Regional Councillor for Tourism Promotion, Ms Eleni Dimopoulou, presented the multiple possibilities offered by Attica to the visitor, with a speech, titled “Travellers in our country, Attica”. There followed a concert with Kalliopi Vetta, Yannis K. Ioannou and Thanassis Vassila.

This event, which took place in the full Skulpturhalle Museum of Basel, was attended and addressed by the Greek Ambassador in Bern, Ms Hara Skolarikou, and the Museum's Director, Dr Andrea Bignasca. Fr. KonstantinosKosmidis, Greek-Orthodox Church of Northwestern Switzerland in Basel, also attended this event.vasilia 3

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