Rena Dourou: “We are changing the business model alongside the governance model, as these two are closely intertwined”

web ΕΕΝΕ 1“Economic recovery can become a reality, with Local Government acting as a catalyst and a spearhead in the context of a genuine decentralisation policy, through a new Network for Productive Forces, public and private entrepreneurship", underlined Rena Dourou, key invited speaker at the 4th Annual Economic Forum of the Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association (ΕΕΝΕ) entitled “Investing in the Future: The Private Sector’s Bid for Economic Recovery”, on Monday 22/05/2017.

The Regional Governor of Attica also emphasised that “the conditions for a new growth model are a serious investment environment, a clear and stable tax system and a State that is able to fulfil its role of a responsible and reliable partner, without any red tape obstacles but with effectiveness and through flexible synergies with business stakeholders”.

The Regional Governor of Attica also referred to “crooked entrepreneurship” in a “period of false prosperity” which in fact stemmed from “long standing problems and structural distortions in both the public and the private sector”. “Because, for a long time, many have been complacent about a private sector which was only taking safe risks involving public money - usually without any plan, and about a public sector which best served by falling apart, or, at best, by “facilitating” the kind of entrepreneurship I described above, i.e. private, yet state-financed undertakings”.  

web ΕΕΝΕ 2The Regional Governor of Attica also referred to the new model of entrepreneurship promoted by the Region of Attica “by means of diverse and varied synergies, either by public bodies or by private actors, towards a new Road Map”. Referring to the awarding for young entrepreneurs in the context of Athens Startup Awards 2017, in cooperation with the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), Ms Rena Dourou stated that “we are on the brink of a new, concrete, innovative, socially responsible entrepreneurship — the entrepreneurship of today, not of tomorrow”.

Finally, Ms Rena Dourou mentioned several initiatives of the Region of Attica to support startups, outward-looking entrepreneurship, innovation and smart specialisation, “by which we are already being judged”. “Our objective is clear: we are changing the business model alongside the governance model, as these two are closely intertwined. In this dynamic process, everyone has an important role to play. I am not saying that for reasons of courtesy, but for reasons of efficiency”.

Click here for a video with an extract of the Regional Governor’s speech in Greek.


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