In the context of the International Conference on Environment and Development in the Mediterranean
20180605 imerida1In her intervention at the International Paris Conference ‘‘Environment and Development in the Mediterranean: yesterday, today and tomorrow’’ the Regional Governor of Attica, Rena Dourou, referred to the “heterogeneous Mediterranean,” “this old crossroads of people, cultures and products, a mosaic of past, present and future,’’ which has always managed to “mix and reconstitute everything in a new, innovative unit,” recalling the words of the great historian Fernand Braudel. 
“We should continue this inherited old tradition making this area a prerequisite for a new concept of development which respects both man and the environment.”
The above-mentioned Conference is organized by Plan Bleu, a Regional Activity Centre of the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), with the support of the French Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, and the participation of top experts, professors, representatives of UN organizations, environmental organizations, and representatives from countries such as Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. This event takes place on the World Environment Day, on the occasion of 40 years of Plan Bleu action for sustainable development in the Mediterranean.
Here are the key points of the Regional Governor's intervention at the Conference on the common future of the Mediterranean:20180605 imerida 2
•There is now a need for coordinated action and the promotion of partnerships between all the institutional stakeholders at all levels of governance, European, national, local, to address the dual challenge, environmental and developmental, facing the Mediterranean Basin. 
•It is necessary to mobilize all forces at all levels, European, national, and local, in the context of multilevel governance, and implement policies and strategies that can identify, foresee and prevent the environmental impacts of human activities and climate change. 
•The responses to environmental challenges are a comprehensive approach towards a shared vision of the Mediterranean, a truly integrated Maritime Policy and Climate Action, specific water management initiatives and macro-regional strategies. 
•It is necessary to create the conditions as well as the methods and instruments for a holistic, systemic approach, with emphasis on the role of local government, particularly from a regional perspective.
“The Region of Attica fully prioritises the challenges posed by environmental protection and development in the Mediterranean basin. For this reason, it also adopts and promotes policies and strategies through the Bologna Charter, i.e. the “Med Coast for Blue Growth” and “PANACeA project,” which are programmes of joint initiatives with all respective stakeholders. Since it is only through a variety of synergies and joint initiatives that we can achieve our common goal, the Mediterranean of today and tomorrow focusing on people, the environment and sustainable development,” stated the Regional Governor of Attica, Rena Dourou.

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