Wine enthusiasts can combine visits to wineries with trips to historical sites.

Megara is one of the oldest inhabited areas of Greece. Wine lovers can combine a tour of the wineries with visits to historical sites such as the “Fountain of Theagenus”, an architecturally ingenious building dating back to the 5th century BC.

In the area of Pachi, one can visit the homonymous picturesque chapel on the hill of Agios Georgios. From the hill of Alcathus, the view of the Saronic Gulf, the plain of Megara and Mount Patera is magnificent. Interesting exhibits can be found in the Archaeological Museum of Megara and the Castanean Folklore Museum. At Vareas beach, right in front of the Cooperative Winery of Megara, visitors can enjoy a relaxing stroll by the sea.

Finally, the mountain village of Vilia, at an altitude of 500m to 700m on the slopes of Kitheronas, is famous for its taverns, the church of Metamorphosis designed by the famous Ernst Ziller and hiking trails that start from there and end either at the castle of the Aigosthenes and the coastal Porto Germeno or at the shelter of Kitheronas at 1100m altitude in a spectacular fir forest.