I wish for 2020 to be a milestone year, that would mark the reboot in Development for our Attica and the whole country, and also to be a year of joy, health and prosperity for all citizens.

On these festive days our thoughts are with the lonely, the vulnerable, and those who face hardships on personal and occupational status. Our aim is to bring a better quality of life to all citizens, and to substantially upgrade citizen service. 

This is the aim we will do our best to obtain in the New Year, working with passion and helping spirit, with a vision and a plan, while keeping our commitment to the citizens who honored us with their vote, and offered us the opportunity to implement a new model of administration, that will move Attica forward in the years to come.

It remains my strong belief that with a well designed plan and by implementing the proper interventions, Attica Region would become a prototype Health and Wellness Region that would ensure safety and protection for its citizens and solidarity with the vulnerable groups of society. My vision is to make Attica a matrix of innovative ideas that would bring progress and development, ensuring that we will keep within the borders of our country the power of our younger generations.

To achieve that, we should embark on reforms at long last that would bring the coveted decentralization to Local Government, which remains the institution that has kept society upright in times of crisis.

We should all work with guidance and strategic, and we should accelerate efforts to put an end to the political pathogenicity that has restrained the progress of Growth.

I pledge that in 2020 we will all work together with cooperation, unity,  and synthesis to create the right conditions for the improvement of daily lives of our citizens, and to deliver a better tomorrow to our children.

I wholeheartedly wish everyone a New Year of unity, strength and reorganization on both personal and national level.

Happy New Year to all of you!