Snow clearing crews of Attica Region continue the efforts for the roads opening and the traffic restoration

In response to the drivers’ hassle due to the extensive disruption of traffic on the Athens-Lamia Highway, at Afidnes,  the Regional Governor of Attica G. Patoulis contacted the representatives of  “Nea Odos” Consession Company, which is in charge of the highway, and asked them to step up the efforts to open the road as soon as possible. According to the “Nea Odos” representatives, there are 80 snow clearing crews in the area, conducting constant traffic diversions in order to facilitate drivers.

For the better facilitation of the citizens, Attica Region also assists to the highway opening by its snow clearing crews, although the Region’s responsibility is limited up to  Metamorphosis area.

Regional Governor of Attica George Patoulis stated: “Safety and citizens’ service remain the top priority of the new admisitration of Attica Region, so we will assist by all means to speed up the restoration of traffic, even in areas beyond the Regions’ jurisdiction.”