The Regional Governor of Attica, Ms Rena Dourou met the Mayor of The People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, Mr Wang Anshun at the city hall of the Chinese capital, yesterday, 4 July 2016. The discussion revolved around a series of feasible proposals relating to tourism, trade and cultural links between the two sides. The Regional Governor of Attica underlined that Attica could play a key role in the achievement of the objectives of fostering international cooperation, in accordance with the ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative.

The Regional Governor of Attica stressed, inter alia, that ‘Cooperation with The People’s Government of Beijing Municipality is a challenge and an opportunity for Attica. Because, on the basis of the strategy of international corridors between cities and markets, we are called upon to achieve new goals, thereby opening horizons at all levels. Today’s meeting is a step forward, forming part of the strategic planning of the Region of Attica. In particular, international synergies at regional and local level are the decisive factor which could play a major role in strengthening key sectors of our economy. Our relations with the local government of The People’s Republic of China have not been established overnight, neither are theyconjunctural. We started by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Hubei Provincial People’s Government in November 2015, thus establishing channels of communication with major Chinese mass media’.

To be noted that The People’s Government of Beijing Municipality is one of the four autonomous municipalities in The People’s Republic of China, not under the jurisdiction of any of the country’s Provinces.

The video of the meeting between the Regional Governor of Attica and the Mayor of The People’s Government of Beijing Municipality: