G. Patoulis: “Solid waste management is a national issue which asks to rise on the occasion, and commonly respond with consistency, seriousness and high sense of duty»


Solid waste management has been announced to be among the top priorities of the New Regional Governor of Attica, who has been set by default President of the Solid Waste Management Association after his election .

Second day after he took office and he conducted his first meeting with the general managers and officers of the Association, where he reminded to all directions that the solution for effective solid waste management in Attica has to be found urgently, given the suffocating deadlines in terms of the capacity of the waste disposal site in Fily, Attica.

The new Regional Governor of Attica asked to be briefed in detail on the loose threads and urgent needs of the issue, and also on any interventions and progress made so far on the solid waste management in Attica.

Asking all officers and managers to land acceleration of procedures and determination for the solution to be found, as well as flexibility in synthesis and cooperation with all relevant bodies, Mr. George Patoulis stated :

“The issue of effective solid waste management goes beyond political ideologies and party divisions. It is a crucial health hazard, a Health Bomb, that requires an emergency response with seriousness and high sense of duty. I’ m expecting from all of you your reports and proposals”. .

The Association managers reported to the new Regional Governor needs focusing on the lack of personnel (machine-workers) and equipment.

Mr Patoulis underlined that the citizens ask for radical solutions for which everyone should contribute from his part in the name of Public Health safety, environment protection, and the common good for Attica and the people.

“Our goal is to develop an effective plan in cooperation with the central state and the 66 Municipalities of Attica . Emphasis should be given on recycling, public awareness and education in schools. “

” There are no magic bullets. By adopting European best practices and with  constructive cooperation we will provide the wise and most effective solutions for the protection of the citizens’ health.”