G. Patoulis: “With the Foreign Ministry of Greece being our ally, we will strengthen Attica Region’s extroversion in a new development track with vehicles Tourism and Entrepreneurship »

The prospects for cooperation between the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Attica Region, aiming to synergies for development in the Region,  was the topic of the of Attica Regional Governor’s meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Mr.Frangoyiannis, that was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The meeting was also attended by the Secretary General of  International Finance and Extroversion Relations G. Dimitriadis, and officials of the Foreign Ministry  and Attica Region.

Welcoming the Attica Regional Governor G.Patoulis, Mr. Frangoyiannis praised the work the governor has done in Greece’s Local Government and presented the new priorities of Greece’s Foreign Ministry that aim to enhancing extroversion of the country, supporting the Greek business and shaping the image of the country to a more modern and extroverted profile.

In this context, deputy minister Mr. Frangoyiannis proposed the beginning of a constructive cooperation between Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Region of Attica, through joint actions in various fields, such as tourism and entrepreneurship.

Mr. Patoulis welcomed the deputy minister’s proposal, noting that

” Attica Region will support this cooperation with the aim of highlighting the comparative advantages of Attica, which will contribute to  the region’s developmental reboot.”

The Regional Governor of Attica  particularly focused on the sectors of Health, Wellness and Thermal Tourism, and on innovative business and new business initiative’s’ support,  on the aim of expanding jobs and shaping an attractive investment environment.

Citing the actions that have been taken in recent years, based on his initiatives on Local Government level, both in Greece and in strong foreign countries such as China, America and Brazil, and mentioning also actions taken to strengthen the ties with the Greek Diaspora, Mr.Patoulis  stressed this effort will continue, especially focusing on Attica with the alliance of the Foreign ministry.

“Our priority is to enhance openness and extroversion in Attica Region , and to help Attica embark on a growth trajectory with vehicles tourism and entrepreneurship.  The comparative advantages of the Region will be highlighted by actions that will start immediately and will open new horizons for development” Mr. Patoulis stressed.