G. Patoulis: “Our intention is to enhance cooperation between Attica Region and the powerful Regions of China in order to achieve synergies with growth prospects for the good of the citizens”

The prospects of enlarging China’s cooperation with the metropolitan Region of Attica in the sectors of culture, tourism, business and education were at the heart of the discussion during the meeting of Attica Regional Governor G.Patoulis with the Chinese Ambassador to Greece, Zhang Qiyue.

The meeting was preparatory in view of the Attica Regional Governor’s participation in the Greek delegation led by Prime Minister K. Mitsotakis at the International Import Fair in Shanghai in early November, and also in view of the official visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping to Greece next month.

Mr. Patoulis welcomed the Chinese Ambassador to Attica Region’s headquarters, noting that the ties of friendship and cooperation between the two countries have been strong over time, and referred to the feelings of love and solidarity between the Greek and Chinese people .

“Our forthcoming trip to China led by the Greek Prime Minister reaffirms the friendship and the bonds between the two countries,” he said.

Ms. Zhang Qiyue congratulated Mr. Patoulis on his new duties, and called him a “friend” of China. The Chinese Ambassador noted that she was pleased to hear the inauguration speech of the Regional Governor of Attica during his swearing-in ceremony, where she had the chance to hear Mr.Patoulis’ detailed plan for the development of Attica.

The Chinese ambassador further underscored the importance of regional authorities’ role in national development, and underlined her interest for a discussion with proposals for exchanging best practices and enhancing cooperation between Attica Region and Regions of China in sectors with growth prospects, such as tourism. culture, entrepreneurship, health, education, and also on issues related to the environment and the quality of life of citizens, such as waste management, a critical issue for Greece and mainly for Attica.

In this context, they discussed the possibility of setting up a regional liaison office of Attica Region with the Chinese Embassy with a view to launching actions and joint interventions in this direction.

G.Patoulis: “We will develop Chinese language learning programs”

The Regional Governor described the operation of the regional liaison office as very useful and added that besides other actions that would be initiated through it, Chinese language learning programs could be developed and be addressed to Attica’s Municipalities through structures provided by the Region.

At the same time, Mr. Patoulis said, the office would report problems that either Chinese visitors to Greece, or Greek visitors to China, face during their travel. On this point, the Regional Governor emphasized thepriority of his administration on safe and quality stay of Chinese visitors in Attica.

“We are investing in the comparative advantages of Attica to attract tourists”

During his discussion with the Chinese Ambassador the Regional Governor of Attica focused on the potential of collaborationon Attica Health tourism development project with the aim of unifying traditional Chinese Medicine with the Hippocratic Theory.

“Our goal as a Region is to highlight the comparative advantages of our Region, Attica, such culture, history, the good climate, and to create hospitality structures for senior citizens, aiming to attract Chinese tourists of this age group,” he said.

At the end of October, the opening of the modern Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine Medical Center in Attica

Mr. Patoulis also informed the Chinese ambassador that at the end of October the AtticaMedicalCenter for Modern Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine will open on the basis of the cooperation agreement that the Attica Regional Governor has signed during his visit to China.

Mr. Patoulis invited the Chinese Ambassador to attend the opening ceremony of the Center and asked her to convey the invitation to visit the structure to the Chinese President, who will be in Greece next month.

During the discussion Mr. Patoulis also referred to the cooperation agreements he has signed with the Rector and Vice-Rector of the University of Shanghai and with the Presidents of Shanghai Hospitals for the exchange of scientific and medical know-how, and also to the agreements of common actions with the Chinese Association of Friendship with Foreign Countries.

On the occasion of the meeting with the Chinese Ambassador Mr. Patoulis stated:

“We had a very fruitful discussion with her excellency the Ambassador of China.

Our intention is to expand Attica’s cooperation with the largest and most powerful regions of China with the aim of building infrastructure to increase the flow of Chinese tourists to Attica and our country.

We invest in Health Tourism and we highlight the comparative advantages of our country in the field of Hospitality, Medicine and Wellness.

Greek -Chinese financial, cultural and diplomatic relations have been traditionally very good, have stood the test of time and have produced very positive results for both countries. Our country needs such friendships and alliances to return to the path of growth, investment and prosperity of its citizens. “