G. Patoulis: We create the conditions for developing strong foundations of a constructive cooperation with China with growth potential for Attca and Greece

The possibilities of developing a fruitful cooperation in areas such as Health Travel, sciences, education, culture, environment and ecology, were at the center of the meeting of the Regional Governor of Attica G. Patoulis with the Governor of Guizhou Province of the People’s Republic of China Mrs Shen Yiqin.

Governor Shen Yiqin and the Chinese delegation of officials discussed with the Regional Governor of Attica issues related to the further strengthening of cooperation, and initiatives to be taken on specific sectors.

Governor Shen Yiqin expressed her admiration for the history of Greece and the Greek culture, and discussed specific proposals to strengthen cooperation of the Chinese Guizhou Province with Attica Region.

Mrs. Shen Yiqin invited the Attica Governor to visit Guizhou Province in China .

In particular, the two governors agreed in common actions to be taken in the basis of cooperation in tourism, trade fairs, cultural activities, environment and ecology.

The Regional Governor of Attica G. Patoulis welcomed Mrs Yiqin and accepted her invitation to China .

Mr. Patoulis stated that from his role at the governance of Attica Region he will work methodically to establish strong foundations for the enlargement of the cooperation with the largest and strongest Regions of China, as is Guizhou.

“Through a specific framework of understanding we can establish a two-way cooperation that will contribute to the re-launch of development and growth in Attica and in our country as a whole.

Our goal is to set the infrastructure that will help increase the flow of Chinese tourists in Attica, who besides the the historical and archaeological interest in the Region ,have the choice to visit five beautiful islands.

We invest in health tourism and we highlight the comparative advantages of the country in the field of hospitality and well-being.”

Mr. Patoulis also mentioned the possibilities of exchanging student programs and referred to the Hellenic-Chinese Congress that will be held in Kos next summer, where Chinese doctors will swear the Hippocratic Oath.

Governor, Mr Shen Yiqin, was accompanied by Mr Zhang, Secretary General of the Guizhou Provincial Administration, Mr Tian Maosong Deputy Secretary General of the Guizhou Provincial Administration, Mr. Li Sanqi Party Secretary, Department of Culture and Tourism of f the Guizhou Provincial Administration,  and Mr. Chen Li General Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Quizhou.Provincial Administration of the People’s Republic of China