G. Patoulis: “Synergies of  Local Government with countries as South Korea pave the way for transforming Attica a prototype region of Health, Wellness, and Quality of life »

The Regional Governor of  Attica Region G. Patoulis welcomed in his office in Attica Region the Regional Governor of Jeollanamdo Province of South Korea ,Kim Yung-Rok, who is visiting Greece for the first time.

The meeting was also attended by the South Korean Ambassador to Greece SoosukLim, members of the Korean delegation and officials of Attica Region .

South Korean Governor Kim Yung-Rok thanked Mr Patoulis for the warm welcome andcongratulated him for his election in the Region of Attica.

“I amvery happy to visit Greece, a country with such  a history and culture of significant importance, which I had the luck to be taught during my schoolyears. The two countries and the two peoples are connected with strong ties of  friendship, love and appreciation and these are bonds that help us to develop a fruitful cooperation in various fields, “he said.

Mr. Patoulis stressed the importance of welcoming to Greece the Governor of this  modern, technologically advanced  and powerful Province of South Korea , and pointed out that their meeting confirmed the common will to launch a constructive cooperation between the two Regions.

In particular, the prospect of synergies on Local Government level was discussed, in the areas of Thematic Tourism, Health and Wellness Tourism, Rural Development, Culture, Shipping, Energy and Education on technology and health issues.

The possibility of twinning Attica Region with the Jeollanamdo Province of South Korea was also discussed.

In this context, Governor Kim Yung-Rok invited Mr Patoulis to South Korea, with the aim of strengthening the two countries’ relations through the exchange of know-how and best practices.

The two sides agreed to maintain regular communication in orderto provide fruitful coordination for their cooperation.

The Regional Governor of Attica G.Patoulis stated:

“I am very pleased to welcome in Attica Region a real friend of Greece. With the Governor of one of thelargest Provinces of South Korea we agreed to work together in areas such as health and wellness tourism, culture, and   technology  education . We will invest in Local Government synergies withSouth Korea and we will launch joint interventions, taking advantage of the  high technology advantages of South Korea , and from our side,delving into our comparative advantages, as is our culture,  history, tourism.

Our priority is to make Attica a prototype Region, with a human face for its citizens.”