G. Patoulis: “We cherish and value the timeless bonds of friendship with the British people and support every possibility of strengthening and expanding our cooperation”

In a warm atmosphere, confirming the long-standing strong friendship between the Greek and the British people, the Regional Governor of Attica, G. Patoulis, met with the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Greece, Mr Matthew Lodge, at the Attica Region premises.


Mr Lodge mentioned that he is very fond of Greece, which is also proven by the fact that he speaks Greek fluently, and pointed out that there is a wide scope for synergies between the two countries, with the Local Government as a vehicle, since, as he mentioned, there are currently 45,000 British citizens living permanently in Greece, and 200,000 Greek citizens living permanently in Great Britain.

During the discussion, Mr Lodge congratulated the Regional Governor of Attica for his work, pointing out that “Attica has changed” and expressed his will to form a focused cooperation framework with the Attica Region with the aim of taking actions in development sectors, such as tourism, culture and education.

Mr Patoulis warmly welcomed the British Ambassador and congratulated him on his active work. For his part, and after referring to the long-standing strong bonds of friendship that unite the two peoples, he expressed his strong intention to develop a close cooperation with the British Embassy on issues including, but not limited to, health, tourism, with an emphasis on thematic tourism, education and culture, since, as Mr Patoulis pointed out, “Attica is not only the Acropolis, but a tourist destination with great historical and cultural wealth, alongside its comparative advantages such as its good climate and high quality products.”


After the formal meeting had concluded, the Regional Governor of Attica, Mr Patoulis, and the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Greece, Mr Lodge, exchanged token gifts.

In his statement, Mr Patoulis specifically pointed out:

“The bonds of friendship and mutual respect between the Greek and the British people are imprinted on the history of the two peoples. We ought to maintain and strengthen these ties, especially in the critical times we are going through, which pose many and multifaceted challenges. We are at the disposal of the British embassy for synergies and joint actions, which will promote development and extroversion in Attica.”