G. Patoulis: Recycling is a priority for Attica Region- In cooperation with the regions’ municipalities and with the support of the government we are developing a realistic national waste management plan

Attica’s waste management project was the topic of Attica Regional Governor’s George Patoulis’ meeting with the mayors of the 66 municipalities of Attica,  that was held today in Athens downtown .

The meeting was attended by the Secretary General of Waste Management M. Grafakos and the Secretary General of EOAN OTA G. Sideris

The Regional Governor of Attica highlighted the goals and priorities of Attica Region on waste management.

“It is a historic challenge for us to bring the best solution for Attica’s waste management”

Regional Governor of Attica G.Patoulis underlined that the cooperation of the local government with the central government of Greece should bring important results on the waste management project and plan for Attica Region.

  1. Patoulis characterized a historic challenge the need to resolve the waste management problem that has plagued Attica for years, and noted that the responsibility of elected local government officials and central government is huge on the aim to find solutions

Attica Regional Governor named 2020 the Year of recycling for Attica, and mentioned that he asked all Regional Parties of Attica Region to submit their proposals for Attica’s solid waste management, so as to contribute to the final plan.

“Our aim is to start by 2020 the 50% of the implementation of actions concerning Attica ‘s Region waste management that should have been completed by the end of 2021.

We aim to succeed on the organization of bio-waste collection networks in all municipalities, and on the launching of all our actions by the end of our term, in order to stop dumping untreated waste to landfill.

I know that it is hard to bring solutions on such a difficult issue that has plagued Greece’s waste management policy for years. But it’s  also such a historic opportunity to contribute to the creation of a modern solid waste management system  during our administrations’ term .

So let’s make today the first step to make Attica’s citizens the champions in recycling.”

“We are promoting a new philosophy.

The question is not where we will bury waste, but how we should ensure that we don’t bury it with a timeline of the proceeding three to four years

We should immediately start recycling by redesigning the recycling  system” noted the Regional Governor of Attica and added that the Region must immediately proceed to its new strategic concept .