G. Patoulis: “With Europe being our ally, we will boost Attica’s growth even further and make it a Model Region, worthy of its history and its potential”

Α delegation of the Greek Regions, led by the Regional Governor of Attica, Mr George Patoulis, met with the Vice-President of the European Commission, Mr Margaritis Schinas, during their contacts with senior European Commission officials in Brussels.

During the meeting, the Vice-President of the European Commission emphasized, inter alia, the importance of developing and coordinating a solid investment strategy, that will contribute to the development of the European Regions, the prospects of the European Regions’ transition to the digital age, the utilization of modern technologies for the benefit of citizens, and the protection of the environment. The migration phenomenon parameters and the strategy required by the EU to effectively manage the situation were also analysed.

After congratulating the Vice-President of the European Commission on his new duties, the Regional Governor of Attica made a special reference to the migrationand refugee crisis, pointing out that the Local Government in Greece has provided crucial support for the effective management of this issue and the maintenance of social cohesion. Mr Patoulis pointed out that a comprehensive EU strategy is required, based on terms of equity and justice for all member states. Commenting on the development prospects of the Regions, Mr Patoulis underlined the importance of decentralisation and the transfer of resources and competences to Local Government through a series of reforms.

He particularly focused on the need to improve the EU funds absorption and also to seek more financing tools in order to launch infrastructure and development projects that will upgrade Attica by taking advantage of its comparative advantages.

“Mr Schinas is a strong ally of Greece and Attica in Europe. Our priority is to increase the EU funds absorption rate in combination with the utilization of other financing tools for growth. It’s time to move on and leave behind the era of stagnation and inertia, looking forward to the future.”