G. Patoulis: “Through a series of strategic actions we will support and promote Attica’s gastronomy, in alliance with the local producers”

“Gastronomy Tourism is one of the comparative advantages of the Attica Region that keeps attracting international travellers,” stressed the Attica Regional Governor G. Patoulis, at the inauguration of the 7th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition, which takes place at the Helexpo Maroussi Exhibition Centre in Athens.

This year’s EXPOTROF, where the Region of Attica has a dynamic presence, is attended by more than 350 producers, and visitors who have the opportunity to meet more than 3000 local products from different corners of Greece.

Crete will be the honoured Region at this year’s exhibition.

Mr Patoulis was welcomed by the President of the organizing committee Mr Costas Moschonas. The inauguration event of the 7th EXPOTROF was attended by the Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands R. Kratsa, the executive Regional Councillor S. Voidonikolas, Regional Vice Governors, Local Government and business bodies’ representatives as well as a multitude of people.

Mr Patoulis toured the exhibition booths, including that of the Attica Region, chatted with local producers and had the opportunity to be informed about all new products, as well as the growth prospects of the food and beverage industry, particularly in Attica.

Welcoming the event, he emphasized, inter alia, his intention to promote Health and Wellness Tourism in Attica with specific actions, while priority will be given to supporting and developing gastronomy and culinary tourism. “Our Attica has excellent high quality products in which we will invest, and showcase these products internationally,” he said.

Then, citing Greece’s comparative advantage of having one of the healthiest diets in the world, which is widely acknowledged internationally, the Regional Governor of Attica stressed that the focus of the new administration will be on policies supporting exports and promoting Attica’s food products to international markets, aiming at enhancing extroversion of Attica’s gastronomy and promoting gastronomy tourism.

In particular, the Attica Regional Governor announced the creation of an e-platform for the promotion of Attica’s local produce to foreign markets, the enhancement of extroversion through the support of major international exhibitions, as well as the establishment of a School for Tourism and Gastronomy professionals. He also stated that gastronomic museums, such as old wineries, mills and beekeeping centres will be supported, with the aim of highlighting Attica’s cultural and historical excellence in the field of gastronomy.

Mr Patoulis praised the uniqueness of the Cretan products on the occasion of Crete being the honoured region at the 7th EXPOTROF Exhibition.

This is also our challenge in Attica, to highlight its gastronomic wealth. In this endeavour, we ask for your support to showcase and spread the culture of our gastronomic heritage and our products that are universally endorsed as the products of health, wellness and longevity.”